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Getting the most from holidays

What can you expect from a holday?

MS is no reason to stop travelling. A person with MS can fulfil his or her dreams, like anyone else. Even faraway lands do not have to be out of the question.

Good preparation is critical for a successful holiday. Talking to your doctor about your plans as well as a realistic self-evaluation of your physical powers are important.

Travel can help top up your energy levels and give you so much more. Being away from the daily routine and the stimulation of doing something new make all the difference. Health constraints can also retreat into the background for a while, with a change of scene.

Holiday destinations

While excursions to exotic parts of the world are possible, last-minute trips to the tropics are not usually advisable.

A few points you need to follow to make the holiday a success.
Two-thirds of people with MS suffer from heat intolerance, and if you are one these you should avoid countries with a hot or humid climate. Also, long periods of sunbathing can cause problems.

Physical performance can fall significantly with heat. If possible, avoid rapid changes in climate. But everyone reacts differently. Therefore, your personal experience and the course of your disease should be the basis of the decision on where you travel.

Illness can make the loveliest holiday a misery. When dreaming of flying to exotic locations, you would do well to talk to your doctor well ahead of time about any necessary vaccinations. In general, vaccinations should not be given during an acute relapse or steroid treatment.

A holday in exotic destinations is feasible, but do not risk booking a last-minute offer to the tropics. Choose your holiday destination with care and prepare yourself well for what might well be the most wonderful one or two weeks of the year.