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Injecting Interferon beta-1b with the Betaject® Lite

The Betaject® Lite sets standards in convenience

Autoinjectors can help reduce injection site reactions and support users overcome needle phobia. The Betaject® Lite is specially designed as application support and is freely available to all Interferon beta-1b users.

Useful features of Betaject® Lite:

What’s so new about it?

The new Betaject® Lite is an attractive device which sets standards for the mobile user. Drawing on experience with its predecessor, this autoinjector can now be loaded by inserting the syringe with the needle cap on.

Larger optical windows indicating the end of the injection process as well as the slow and constant release of the medication allow for a smooth overall injection process.

Partial dose deliveries of up to 1 ml allows for dose titration at start of therapy. There is also an option to adjust the standard injection depth of 12 mm, to 8 or 10 mm for a more flexible approach according to your individual requirement. Injection depth adjustment should only be done by a trained health care professional.

Please contact your local Interferon beta-1b nurse for advice.

The Betaject® Lite at a glance

Betaject® Lite - Overview

Loading your Betaject® Lite

Betaject® Lite caseYour Betaject® Lite is supplied in two parts in a pouch. The part you set onto your skin for injection is the syringe housing (1); the part with the mechanics inside is the injector body (2).

Betaject® Lite - Click!

To prime the device for use, hold the injector body (2) against the table, facing upwards. Turn the syringe housing (1) upside down and push the yellow plunger down using the orange syringe housing tip. Push firmly until the yellow plunger is engaged and will go no further. Then separate both parts.

Tip: You can also prime your Betaject® Lite by holding each part in one hand. That way you are using all the strength you have and you might find it easier to load.

Betaject® Lite - Insert the ready-to-use syringe

Insert the ready-to-use syringe with the needle cap still on into the syringe housing (1). Ensure the needle cap is sticking out through the opening of the orange syringe housing tip (3).

Tip: Make sure that the two wings of the backstop sit properly between the notches in the syringe housing.

Betaject® Lite - Screw the syringe housing and injector body togetherScrew the syringe housing (1) and injector body (2) together, taking care not to accidentally touch the release button.

How to self-inject

Betaject® Lite - Remove the needle capClean your pre-chosen injection site with an alcohol pad as described in the “Manual injection” chapter and let it air-dry. Remove the needle cap by simply pulling it off – don´t twist it. Taking the needle cap off will cause the syringe to flip forth and back. This is OK and will not cause any accidential injection.

Place your Betaject® Lite with slight pressure on the injection site at a 90° angle against the skin. Gently press the assembly so that the injector body (2) moves a little bit towards the syringe housing (1). This will disengage the safety interlock to allow the release button (5) to be pressed.

Press the release button (5). The needle is inserted into the skin and the contents of the syringe are injected automatically. Stop pressing down and keep your Betaject® Lite in this position for up to ten seconds.

Betaject® Lite - Injection process is finished

The injection process is finished when the red marks on the yellow plunger are visible in the optical windows. Lift the Betaject® Lite straight out from the injection site when the injection has been completed.

Tip: After completion of injection hold your Betaject® Lite for another five seconds to make sure the drug is spread in the tissue and is not pulled out with the needle.

Post-injection process

Betaject® Lite - Unscrew the syringe housing

Unscrew the syringe housing (1) and remove the used syringe from your Betaject® Lite.

Tip: Always check that the full dose has been delivered from the syringe. If not, inject the remaining substance manually and ask your nurse or health care provider for advice.

Betaject® Lite - Dispose of the syringe in the disposal unit.Don’t reattach the needle cap after injection. Dispose of the syringe in the disposal unit.


If necessary, the lower part of the Betaject® Lite (syringe housing) may be rinsed under lukewarm running water. The upper part (injector body) may only be cleaned by wiping it with a clean, damp cloth. Please allow the two parts to dry completely for at least 2 hours before returning them in the pouch.

Tip: Ask your nurse to show you how to clean your Betaject® Lite.


The autoinjector should be stored at temperatures ranging between 0°C and 35°C. Keep out of the reach of children. Don’t store the autoinjector when it is primed.